Dior “5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette”

COLOR Nude Pink Design – mauve/ sheer glittering pale pink/ warm rose/ pink pearl/ matte plum burgundy cream

This palette is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I absolutely adore this palette and I use this everyday. Which reminds me, I should stock up on a few cases of these.

First off, I use this palette all the time. Whether it’s for work, outside, daytime and night time. It really is a useful palette and one of my all time favorites. The colors I use the most is the primer(bottom left) and the “sheer glittering pale pink” (top right). I use the primer/base before I top it off with the other colors or I also use it on its own. I also love glitter so the “sheer glittering pale pink” color and it applies the right amount of glitter with just enough shine. It does not wander around and actually sticks in place. I use it in the inner corner of my eyes and it gives that pop of color and a great way to bring full attention to your eyes.

The other colors are great as well. The “Mauve”(top left color”  is great to blend on the “V” corners of your eyes for that depth and adds a bit of definition for s slight dramatic look. It’s not very dark and because it blends very well you can soften the look or make it darker as you please.

For some very odd reason I do not use the “warm rose” (center) color as much as I should. It is a beautiful color and is a great natural pink and bronze color that applies smoothly and beautifully. I think it looks best with just this color and with brown eyeliner with intensified black mascara. Or to give a more softer look, I suggest going with a dark brown mascara. Of course, I am writing from an Asian point of view because I am Korean.

The “Matte Plum Burgundy Cream” can be used in various ways. First off, it works great as cream eyeliner, especially for that effortlessly smudged look. The color is almost very dark brown and it blends and smudges well. I use as to underline my eyes, not on the waterline, but where my bottom eyelashes are. I, then smudge the liner to give it that more rugged look.

I have been obsessed with using and smudging eye liner on the bottom rather than the top of te eyelids. I feel it gives it a bit more effortless look and has a bit of more edge to it. Plus, for people like me, my eyelids are pretty small and I am not able to apply too much products. This actually makes my eye look a bit more bigger, I think, (haha), and more naturale with a bit of kick to it.

After, I then add black/brown mascara depending on my mood and I’m finished!

In conclusion, I absolutely adore this palette, and even though it’s a bit pricey I think it’s worth every penny. Always make sure to check the consistency, the smoothness and silkiness and the pigments of eyeshadows before purchasing any sort of eyeshadows.

Be and stay adored.

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